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Assurance technology

Made for Auditors by Audits. A suite of tools to audit digital asset companies

LedgerLens provides an attestation reserve reporting and user verification solution, enabling clients to prove assets held and customers to cryptographically confirm balances, bolstering trust in the digital asset ecosystem.

LedgerLens’s real-time attestation platform empowers crypto firms to offer transparency on reserve balances, utilising technology for on-demand reporting while maintaining professional standards and ethics.

LedgerLens Oracle Services deliver off-chain data from known and trusted sources to the blockchain network, bolstering trust in the decentralised ecosystem and enabling seamless integration of external data for smart contracts running on blockchain networks.

Accounting solutions

Cryptio is a leading provider of enterprise-grade accounting, audit and tax software tailored to the digital asset industry. Their solutions focus on transparency, data integrity and actionable insights, helping businesses manage and optimize their digital asset operations effectively.

Serving 400+ customers, including leading crypto institutions and enterprises.


Zodia Custody is the leading provider of institution-first digital asset custody. They provide client-focused innovation with leading-edge technology, applied within the framework of compliance and governance that their clients  demand.


Zodia Custody ensures the custody of your digital assets is sage, simple and compromise-free. With fully segregated wallets, customisable rules based settlements, institution-grade oversight and 24/7 access.

Digital Asset Management

Arrel Technology pioneersinstitutional-grade investmentsoftware and bespoke digital assetmanagement platforms. Theyspecialize in bridging traditionalfinancial markets withdecentralized alternatives,emphasizing treasurymanagement, trading solutions,and data-driven insights. Theirinnovative approach aims toempower global partners bynavigating and capitalizing onevolving financial landscapes.

Etherbridge is an active digital asset fund led by experts blending crypto-native and traditional financial experience. With 15 years in blockchain research investment, they strategically invest across themes to deliver uncorrelated returns alpha. Their bespoke data framework assesses valuation, while applying rigorous risk management from finance optimize investment strategies market cycles.

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